The creation of Rifugio’s garment cannot be called an industrial product but rather a handmade work of art.

Our tailors are skilled women and only with a needle and thimble can sew with a millimeter precision bearing in their minds and hands the measure of our masterpieces.


Tanneries prepare the hide specifically for Alfredo Rifugio according to his particular indication. Each piece is completed with certificate that documents the origin of the leather.

Deer, Nabuk, Nappa, Suede, and luxury skins as crocodile and python are used.


We cut our leathers to create a harmonious and flattering line, allowing for all the small imperfections of the gentleman’s form.
The leather is cut by hand, creating all the individual panel for the garment.


At Rifugio’s Headquarters our tailors assemble each garment without compromise. Each garment is unique! The making of a single jacket can involve up to 7 craftsmen.
There are thousand hand stitches in a single handmade garment, including the working sleeve button holes.


The finished garment is your masterpiece, satisfying the sartorial sensibilities of fit, construction and quality of leather.