“Alfredo Rifugio” is both an iconic name, and brand in the world of leather garments.  He began his profession at the age of 13, and has been a bespoke master tailor for over 50 years. His artistically hand crafted garments and master craftsmanship have defined Alfredo as the “king of handmade leather jackets”. His works of art have been treasured by all, but maybe none so distinguished as Pope John Paul II. Referred by the Pope’s personal pilot, Alfredo was commissioned to make the “white jewel” the can be seen on the Pope during skiing and hiking excursions.

“He is invested in the production of jackets and outerwear, made from the finest quality hides. The creation of a Rifugio garment cannot be called an industrial product, but rather a handmade work of art. Tanneries prepare the hides specifically for him. Each piece is completed with a certificate that documents the origin of the leather.Each garment is unique! It can be cut to stock specifications or as a customized Made to Measure garment. There are over 1,800 stitches in a single handmade garment, including the working sleeve button holes!

Deer, Nabuk, Nappa, and luxury skins such as crocodile and python are used. All detailing options can be personalized, including the linings.  Decorative linings are available in bemberg, as well as cashmere, beaver and mink. The finished garment is your masterpiece, satisfying the sartorial sensibilities of fit, construction, and quality of leather.

There is a thread that binds style, elegance and class. The name of the thread is passion!